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Master the USEF and USDF dressage tests, learn from the best, and reach your goals faster with access to the On The Levels dressage video library.

What's so DIFFERENT about this video library?

A collaboration between the United States Dressage Federation and the United States Equestrian Federation, On the Levels provides examples of the Introductory through Fourth Level dressage tests with commentary from top US trainers and judges, with segments geared toward improving difficult movements at each level.


31 engaging videos help you understand the requirements for tests within each level, including 18 videos of riders and trainers performing each test and 13 supplementary test tip videos.


Video narration by top athletes, judges, and trainers, including Kathy Connelly, Jan Ebeling, Hilda Gurney, Steffen Peters, and Jessica Jo “JJ” Tate, each bringing his/her own unique perspective, providing the viewer with a variety of approaches.


Use these progressive videos to solidify your basics, fine tune your performance and explore ways to begin advancing toward the next level.


Whether you are at the barn, traveling to a show, or at home, watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


Watch and learn from knowlegeable judges and trainers who are passionate about teaching.

test PDFs

Review the official USDF and USEF tests as you watch each set of training videos.

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